Soft Rejection - Can't understand why.


Today, after 10 days of waiting, my latest template was soft rejected, with the standard response from the reviewer.

Live demo is here.

As usual, no real motivation to help me figure out what to improve.

“We already have a number of submissions with the same overall design and concept and we have to draw the line somewhere.”


The average quality of the accepted items is not always high, and sometimes it is really low.

I don’t want to compare this template with other of other authors, but I think that it is the best one of my portfolio. So, if my other items were accepted, why not this?

The template has 66+ pages, but the reviewer only looked at 7 pages from the live demo. How can a reviewer throw months of work in just 5 minutes? I think that authors deserve more respect from reviewers.

We all know that the templates market is saturated, and most of them are similar. But I think that it does not deserve a rejection, since I see that low quality items are accepted.

What do you think about?


I wish I could offer something constructive here, but frankly I really like you theme - to me it actually looks like something id make :smile:

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The theme is nice! But I think, you should have some font variations in it. While the Josephin Sans look good for headings, but it is not the best font for the paragraphs. Or, if you want to have it for paragraph, I’d make the font-weight variations in headings and paragraphs. That’s my thoughts for it.

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Hey no question nice theme.

I looked at the portfolio wide section and the 2 cols look really weird how the spacing is not equal and the gap is also weird specially when you hover over the images.

I mean other than that i see no big issues.

Maybe as VMS designs said try to have a different font for the paragraphs. I would also make the logo look a bit more live cus its just to damn simple.

Chhers and good luck.


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This is definitely a good theme , but I would improve some areas , typography wise. The font with caps is hard to read in the drop down ( maybe is the letters spacing ) , The same issue is in the footer and you have some crowded areas like the services boxes ( i would loose a text line and change the whole text so it’s not repeating itself- looks annoying) . The blog area from the homepage is too crowded as well, you can’t see where the title ends and the text begins, you should make the title bold…or something.

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Thanks to all, guys.

I’m working on the typography. I hope that the rejection is related to it, because I don’t see other issues.

I received several positive feedbacks on this template, and I really can’t understand the motivation of this rejection.

I’m open to critics, but if the reviewer really thinks that this template can lower the average quality of ThemeForest, I do not know what to think. It would really exaggerated.

Your template is of great quality. Basically what I think is happening here, the reviewer comes to the site and sees all the same slider with centered headline, the same boxes with icons, the same half-image half-text, the same newsletter box with fixed background image, the same footer style as in the rest 90% of multi-purpose templates.

And they are basically saying: this is nice, but no more. (At least I think that’s what’s going on.)

Honestly I think all your template needs is one element that’s somehow new and original. Think of something cool, add it to the top and see what happens.

So I played with it a bit and:

If you look the gallery images in the lightbox from mobile or small screen they don’t resize.
Personally I find the dropdown menu too distant from the bar on top when there’s no clear bar drawn (e.g. in the homepage with a background image)
The FAQ page is a bit empty, I guess a sidebar or something like a summary or a search for teh answers would be great.
I’d put the “apply for position” button in the career page down, as I’d get confused on what to logically click. (it’s closer to the upper post rather than its own)
The 3 portfolio items look really similar at first glance, I wouldn’t have put the “1 2 3” thing on that page as the main thing as It’s not the mail feature I’d display of an item.
Footer catches a lot of space but it’s not clearly distinctive, I mean it’s a bit dull, I agree that changing the typography adding dome more bold text somewhere could really help.

It’s a nice theme, I was actually searching one to display my works and I wouldn’t buy yours as it seems not very flexible: e.g. I’d like to put captions, or images where I want, I also don’t like that the first half of the page is mostly white space and that could draw my potential clients away, I’d love to display all the main informations in a page you have to scroll less.

Also, the icons are really cute but is there a complete list one chan choose and change?
It there the possibility for the user to change accents and fonts on his own?
Isn’t there a way to feature a product or some of them in the shop part?
Why not put that thing in place of the hero image which seems to be unuseful?

That’s me being hypercritic and trying to figure out what’s wrong. I actually think it’s a nice theme, just so you know. XD
It’s actually better than some other themes I found out there, I guess you need to fine-tune but the most part is done, I like the preloader (will one be able to change it?)

Good luck!

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Thanks for your constructive comment.

I’m trying to redesign something (like the footer), but I don’t have high hopes. I believe that even without these improvements it was better than many other themes that have been accepted, so the reviewer will not care about changes.

Thank you!

Don’t get discouraged. The work is really good.

Take your time away from it. Go to and and just search around for couple of days. You will get inspired. As I said, it just needs one or two prominent magic elements / features. Otherwise it stays bland and no-one will buy it, as there are plenty like this already in the market. Trust me, I know (look at my portfolio and you’ll get it) :blush:


Thanks for your detailed comment!

I’m following your advises. It’s true, the “apply for position” button is a bit confused, I’ll move it down. Same thing for the FAQ page, I’m adding more elements.

I’ve also redesigned the footer.

Regarding your questions:

The preloader is “Handmade”. Users can edit with with CSS3, they can also use an image instead of the CSS preloader, with a simple <img> tag.

Ciao e grazie! :smile:

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For me it looks similar to Foundry Theme (top part mostly), maybe this is one of the reasons…

I think you’re right. I’m making a redesign.


You’re welcome. Otherwise, your theme is not bad at all. Good luck!

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Really Is good theme but I see it similar to “Foundry - Multipurpose Theme”, And I don’t like the typography is not readable at all, If you want to use Josefine Sans, Just used on Headings not on paragraphs, Use another font for paragraphs, And redesign your item to get approved :wink:
Good Luck!

the only bad thing I noticed is the font… I really don’t like the font…

a different font could make your theme look much better…

It’s true, I have received several negative feedbacks about the font. I’m making a redesign and now the theme looks much better.

Thanks you!

Thanks for your feedback! You are right, with a different font it looks much better.