Yamaha HS8 or Genelec 8020 DPM???

Which of the 2 do you think I should buy guys???
Will be my first studio monitors and I have been stuck between these two!

My opinion is HS8, and not because i got them… :grinning:

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Thank man! Οne step closer to hs8 then…


I have the HS8 and quite like them, I find they can be pretty fatiguing on longer sessions though. The Genelecs are a lot smaller but depending on your room size might be better?


Thanks for the answer mate! I have a mid size room 16 m2 :sunglasses:

16 square meters?


Forget the HS8, buy a jacuzzi!! :joy:

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already have… hahaha… Lies lies :confused:

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haha I had a bit of a brainfart, thought that was quite a bit bigger than it actually is but 16m2 is a nice sized room for sure! I think you’d be happier with the HS8 in a room that size (you’ll probably want to treat it too if you haven’t already).

The volume in mine never has passed number 5.
And don´t even never put to the top on my external soundcard.

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I havent yet but i will for sure! Thanks for the advice anyway :slight_smile:

I would definitely go for the HS8 set. They have a fairly flat response compared to other monitors in the same price range that tend to boost the lows and high-end. Nice room size, by the way.

I use the HS8 myself, combined with ATH-M70 headphones in a small but decently treated 3,20 x 2,80 x 3m room.

Congrats on the new gear!


I really like my HS8 monitors. It took a little time to get used to the flat response but that’s what you want. I can hear much more now than with my prior speakers. I never tried the Genelecs but I have been curious about how they may compare in sound. For the price point, though, you can’t lose with the HS8. Have fun shopping!


Thank you @WormwoodMusic! The size is ok yes but those TWO WINDOWS killing me :frowning:

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Thanks for your feedbacks @MidnightSnap! :slight_smile:

And don´t forget to buy something like this too.



Yamaha HS8 and you will love them!