Yahama Hs8 or Focal for Mix! what do you think?


I want to buy the really nice yamahas HS8 ! now the problem is that people are also said that focal are really nice too ! need some help !


Focal Alpha 65 - my fav monitors now.


will check ! another friend told me about this i think !


I think the Focal’s would win over the Yamahas. http://www.audiomentor.com/reviews/top-11-best-studio-monitors-worth-buying-despite-the-hype


Solo6 Be is really good


I wanted to buy Focal Alpha 65 from my friend.He says they sound awesome and i can hear by your sound that they are awesome :smile:


Anyways in royalty free music there are alot alot kinds of mixes and it’s never the same mix…For example, Genelec 8020 are PERFECT, very fast and very accurate…Don’t let their size cheat, they sounds awesome.Im planing to buy Genelec or Focal…I still choose,…But in royalty free music is best buy…Whatever you produce on Genelec will sound the same on TV, Radio,Car etc.


Well I went to the local store and listened to the Yamaha HS8, and they sound great! I will be getting them in a few days. Never heard the Focals, but all I can say is that there is no perfect studio monitor; each speaker has its own characteristics and will influence your mixing in a different way. It’s up to you to adjust and adapt to this, and use the monitors that you are most comfortable with - not necessarily the ones that are the “flattest”, most popular, or most expensive etc. My answer to you is then, don’t get hung up on what monitor you should get, thinking choosing one over the other will dramatically improve your mixes. There is no perfect mix, just a different mix. My advice is to head down to your local store and go and listen to them first hand. See which ones you like the sound of and choose from there.


And bring his items from AJ with him into the store and listen to them so he can se how bad or good the mix is :smiley:


Also, free advertising.


Well boys I have the cash ready… It’s gift from my wife hahaha
Tomorrow I am getting focal alpha 80 but i can’t get out of my head the yamahas
Class A problems right?


Take Yamaha then…If you can’t sattle down :smile:


And back to point 0 again


Either would be fine. Don’t stress over individual monitors. Whether you choose the Focals or the Yamahas you’ll have made a good decision and invested in some good gear. I’m getting the Yamahas, not because they’re “the best monitors around”, but because I liked the sound of them. Any choice here is a good choice.


You know what would totally worsen your dilemma?

Someone barging into the thread mentioning that, in their personal opinion, the JBL LSR305/308s are a fantastic pair in that general price range (or slightly lower) and that you should give them a listen if you’re making your way to a sound store anytime soon.

: )


By the way, did you guys ever heard Genelec 8020 series? Little ones? :smile:
They sound FANTASTIC with precission.They don’t give alot of bass but give very very precise sound…Thats why i liked them.But anyways, you can always upgrade them with a sub.But it’s not always the best choice because sub can cheat alot.


Get the Yamahas, brother! Trust me - THEY ARE GREAT!!!


Agreed on this. I monitor on these, and they sound awesome for the price.


Considering the new control room size i bought the HS7 and with the money i saved i bought some senheizer headphones. Will tell you how they sound later in the afternoon


Nice choice! I was going for the HS7s, but due to my larger space I decided on getting the HS8s. I’ll be picking them up on the weekend :slight_smile: