Monitor setup, what do you prefer?

Hello authors,
trying to improve my mixing abilities, I’d like to share a sort of hamletic doubt:
do you prefer mixing on multiple couples of monitors, maybe of low-medium quality, or use an unique top quality couple of monitor? And what do you use?
Given that in the room there’s some acoustic treatment of course.
Thanks in advance :+1:

Hey there,

Well if you have the space and budget then it’s always a good idea to have two sets of studio monitors for better referencing. If you can only accommodate one pair, that’s fine too as long as you also listen to your mixes on consumer gear for reference (that’s what I do).
Anyway you take it, I think the key is to learn the sound of your monitors. Yeah, they’re supposed to be flat. Well, surprise: they’re not! But even if they are, you have to train your ears to get used to the “flat” sound. If you learn how mixes translate from your studio speakers to consumer systems and headphones, that will save a lot of time and help achieve good mixes faster.
I switched from the Yamaha MSP5s to a pair of Genelec 8020s about half a year ago. For a few weeks I had the luxury of having both pairs running to learn the sound of the Genelecs before I sold the Yamahas.
So right now I’m going with the “use one top quality pair” method. I’m willing to supplement my monitoring with a pair of NS10s and maybe switch the 8020s to 8030s somewhere in the far-far future, when I’ll be rich and famous, thanks to AJ. :smiley:
Checking your mix on headphones also helps a lot, for me at least.

Thanks @SixideBeats, I agree, every speakers have their own sounds.
Always worked with low-medium budget monitor (KRK RP5, NS10, Yamaha HS series) trying to understand as much as possible their sound. But since some time I think about upgrading to a more quality setup… of course when I’ll be rich thanks to AJ like you :grinning:
Cheers :beers:

Hello! I recently bought a pair of Makie MR6 MK3, previously worked on different monitors Yamaha, I must say that for a small price, this is a decent tool for monitoring. Transparent sound, detail, the ability to customize the sound for themselves - through filters low and high frequencies. Compared with the “digital sound” Yamaha, these monitors provide a more acoustic sound, especially liked the classical, folk, jazz …

Hi @StudioEtude, interesting, thanks, I don’t know the Mackie MR6, I search some info. :thumbsup:

Hi JetSounds!
I chose a long time, with a limited budget, these monitors have good reviews, I really liked the sound. (Although, in my opinion, to modern rhythms Yamaha sounds better), but it’s my taste :slight_smile: Especially liked the sound of classical music, and under this mood, I wrote a few days “music for holidays” 4 tracks (you can listen to the latest 3 tracks in my portfolio), in a symphonic style :slight_smile:

The best medium budget combination I’ve seen so far is the yamahas hs8 and for the final correction the legendary NS10 (if you find those with proper electronic working parts)