Studio Monitors?

Hey folks! I just wanted to ask some advice please…

What sort of studio monitors do you guys use? I was thinking about buying a set of KRK’s Rokits for use with Logic Pro X?

Ideally I’m looking for something with good true sound (as I usually work with headphones which isn’t a great idea), small for a bedroom studio set up and something that won’t cost a fortune?

Any ideas or suggestions?


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For a small untreated (or partially treated) room the best choice is something small with NOT a lot of low-end. Something like the Yamaha HS5. I haven’t heard the KRK Rokits, I guess they are decent in this price range too.
For the very low end, you can always use headphones as a second reference to check the sub range.
Good Luck!

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As for Yamaha, I would recommend MSP series instead of HS. Yamaha MSP5 Studio at least, worked with them in the past, they are good, but do not expect a deep bass) .
As for KRK — people say that Rokits aren’t decent enough and if one wants KRKs, they should go for V or VXT series.

Headphones aren’t something bad, for it may be more convenient to monitor the most subtle sound changes with a headphones being very close to ears. After precise mixing with headphones you may control a general sound with monitors.

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I use Yamaha HS 7. Really amazing monitors! I think it is best choise for such price.

Yes, the MSP5 would be better but that’s a higher price range. But highly recommended if it can fit the budget.

I have the Yamaha HS5s and I love them! I was debating the KRKs, but they were just way too bass heavy. The Yamahas are pretty accurate, which is what I needed


I have in my home studio KRK Rockit 5, audio interface - focusrite 6i6 with Logic Pro X on Macbook pro and it sounds good. I like it, but if there much more money I would take monitors ADAM A7X.

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JBL LSR305, paired with Steinberg UR22 interface gets the job pretty much done for me, and it’s a really reasonable price.

i have krk rockit srudio monitors , but the low end is big , my room small
when i have much money - i want buy adam a5+ series , this sounds great

JBL LSR 305-308 - decent sound and cost-effective, for corporate especially )

Krk V4 + avantone mixcube + earpods! nice combo for mixing :slight_smile:

+1 for JBL LSR 305, sounds very good in unprepared room

I use Yamaha HS80M! + TC Electronic Impact Twin Excellent sound!

Even the best and the most expensive monitors will sound badly in a shitty room.
I would recommend old used Mackie 824 or 624 (if u gotta small room) or Yamaha NS-10 from e-bay.
Rokit - mmm, the yellow woofers look nice, and this is the end of their advantages. Rokits are not worth the money they are asked. As well as Adam of A-series (while SX series are really good)
As for myself, I use N-Monitors N200P. This is a small Russian manufacturer, all their monitors are hand-made. They sound almost like Quested 2108 and the way much better than Adam A7X.

To sum up — don’t buy ultra-budget monitors, save some money for more descent models. And of course, you will have to buy some stuff to correct the acoustics of your room. Good luck!

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I use the Adam A7X and love them. So precise and clear.

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Genelec 8030 BPM / a true workhorse.

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I use Tannoy Reveal 5a. Good control

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With Yamaha HS8 you can make nothing wrong. I use monitors from a company based in my hometown. Neumann KH120. Very happy with this pair of reference speakers.
As interface I use my old Steinberg CI1 because it runs perfectly on my system and it has many more advantages to give. It tried Focusite 2i2 2nd Gen. and the sound is awesome but the drivers did not worked for me. So for the future Iam dreaming about an RME interface.
Ps If you are mixing with Headphones I recommend to use and put into the DAW a reference track.

Patrick, BeachVibes

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