Studio Monitors?

Adam A8X the best of the best! :wink:

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I’m working with the KRK’s Rokit 6 for a while now. They realy do a great job for their price.

If you’re on a budget check out PreSonus Eris E5 for a small room, they have great reviews. Later you can add on the 8" Tremblor sub for some bass frequencies, (can never have enough bass no?).

KRK’S Rkoit 6 :slight_smile:

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I use JBL LSR 305
Really good studio monitors for the price

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Hi Folks, thanks for all the replies… after reading several reviews and taking into consideration everyone’s input here I decided to go with a set of Yamaha HS5’s… from what I’ve heard from them so far they’re pretty good! I wanted something that I could control the bass on and that wasn’t too bass heavy… these seem to focus more on mid range to highs and have DB Control switches on the back to adjust these to your room size.

The highs are really crisp and clear, stuff like chimes, bells etc come through really well, and the bass is great, not too much to overkill a track… but enough to give it nice depth.

I basically wanted something for making film type music on, so these seem fine to start off with.

I also got them as a bundle off Music Matter UK and got some free cables and isolation pads with them… so I’m pretty happy!

Thanks again for the help folks!!

Check these out “presonus eris e4.5” a small affordable beast!

I’m using krk vtx6, Yamaha ns10m and I’m looking for the new auratone soundcubes… In a small room with discrete acoustic treatment … 3 years ago I used a pair of Yamaha msp5, but the Vtx6 are another planet (and another price also). The ns10 with vrx6 are a good reference for me

For the second room I’m looking for a pair of Yamaha hs5

I had KRK Rokit 5’s for awhile and IMO they really over-accentuate the bass and give a “feel-good” sound that doesn’t translate very well to other systems.

I recently upgraded to Yamaha HS8’s and while they are nowhere near as flattering, they give a much more accurate representation of what is going on with my mix… if you can make it sound good on them, it seems to translate much better across systems. My room is about 10x14 and the only treatment I’ve done so far is corner traps behind the speakers. I also try and mix at fairly low volumes.

I know a bunch of models that give some good value for the money. In the low end, check out the Alesis Elevate 5, M-Audio AV42, Audioengine A2+, JBL, and more. Next level up, Yamaha seems like a good option, both the HS and MSP series. If you’re interested, I’ve come up with a brief monitor review Hope it helps!

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Do not laugh, but “IK Multimedia Iloud micro” is a very good option for a small room!
I bought them for travel, but now I constantly use them in the studio for additional control!

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Dido on the Yamaha HS series . I got hooked up with a pair of HS7’s and it was a game changer for me. Had I not gotten an extremely good deal on them, I would have went for the HS5’s. I have a good friend/mixing engineer that has a pair of the 5’s, and every time we mix stuff on them I’m extremely impressed.

The reason I like them is because they seem brutally honest. They don’t make for a good listening experience unless the track is really well done. The highs/high mids will slap you in the face if they aren’t managed properly. I see this as a good thing as it keeps my mixes from getting to bright/harsh/tinny.

Take what I say with a grain of salt since I’m sure there are other people with way more experience than me. But I wanted to chime in since I had the same dilemma not too long ago. Hope this helps!


Hello ppl. Check Amphion One12, One15, One 18
Pricey but really really great studio monitors. Yeah pricey, but if you have the chance - go and listen. Great speakers!