Studio Mixing-Mastering Monitors

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I was trying to find some older threads about this but I couldn’t.

I am thinking to buy some good studio monitors.
I am at the range of 300-350$ each (So 600-700 pair)
Maybe its not so good in this price range but they will be better than my current JBL LSR 2325p

I am between, KRK VXT 4 (with subwoofer)
Yamaha MSP 5 (with subwoofer)
Focal Alpha 65 (with subwoofer)

Anyone know how good are each of these, or suggest somthing else like Adam?
Do I need to go higher price in order to get better quality?

I have currently tested Yamaha MSP5 in my studio and they are better than JBL LSR 2325p


Hey Pandocrator - definitely a big topic but here are some random considerations, FWIW. :wink:

  1. Some incredible mixes have been done on really crappy monitors.
  2. The room where you mix can GREATLY affect what you hear in your monitors, especially if you mix at higher volumes.
  3. No matter what brand or model you get, there is a learning curve to get your mixes consistent and translated well to multiple listening environments. No monitor out of the box will magically make your mixes great.
  4. Maybe you’re mixing in 5.1 and need a subwoofer, but be careful if you’re using a sub with stereo mixes! If you’re room is not prepared to handle the extra low frequency correctly, these can really wreak havoc on your mixes!

And to answer your questions:

For reliability and overall quality, you can’t go wrong with Focal or Adam. I own the Focal CMS65s and they are amazing. I know lots of people with Adams and they love them. The Focals are very flat, and the low end (after a burn-in period) is nice and tight and present without any boominess. I mix at lower levels in a small non-reflective room and have been able to get great mixes.

The old adage is true: you get what you pay for. BUT if you’re going to spend $800 on studio monitors, you’d better make sure your room won’t make them sound like $200 monitors :smiley:

There is also a great thread at GS you might want to check out:

GOOD LUCK and happy writing!


Here you go, loads of old threads here with useful info on the subject

Oh and if your feeling lucky ‘Adam Audio’ is holding a pretty sweet music production competition at the moment with AWESOME speakers for the winners…couldn’t hurt!

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Anyone know how good are each of these, or suggest somthing else like Adam?
Do I need to go higher price in order to get better quality?

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SpinToneMusic’s advice really covers this subject well. It’s all about your room. In my case, I was mixing on a pair of really nice KRK near field monitors but they weren’t giving me accurate information because of problems with my room’s acoustics. I made some improvements to the room to address some bass problems, but I also bought a pair of Auratone knockoff speakers. These speakers are the least sexy sounding speakers you can buy, and they cost around $250 a pair. They don’t sound half as good as the KRK’s, but they give really accurate information in the middle frequencies that can be problematic in a mix. Also, when addressing the bass, if I’m not hearing it on these speakers, it means I’ve still got work to do.

I think it’s good to check your mix on a set of speakers like this, along with your more expensive monitors.

Everyone’s situation is different, but in my case, using these has helped me produce better mixes that sound consistent on earbuds, computer speakers, big stereo systems with subwoofers, etc. The idea is, if I can get the mix sounding good on these, it tends to sound good anywhere.

Back in the 80’s, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was mixed on an original set of Auratone speakers.

I have a pair of "Dynaudio bm5a mkii’ they cost around £500 for the pair (I’m in the UK)

I personally wouldn’t bother with a subwoofer, I think that it is better just to have a decent set of monitors with a big driver that will give you enough low end.

I finally got Adam A5X with Presonus Temblor 10 Subwoofer. Perfect, sound has much more quality and depth. Mixes Translate good. But if you are not doing Hollywood productions pairs with 400 euros or 500 are perfect too! A good sub though is a must with small monitors.

If Yamaha MSP5 is good for your ears you must look for this model - Yamaha MSP7 STUDIO. New is overpriced for your budget, but you can buy used. Good start for professional job.
Yamaha MSP5 is not bad, i worked with MSP5 several years.
P.S. I use K+H 0300. :slightly_smiling: