Yamaha HS Monitor Feedback Request

I know this subject has been discussed countless times but I’m trying to make a good decision. I decided to buy Yamaha monitors next week, and I’m trying to choose between…

A pair of HS8’s w/no subwoofer (HS8s)


A pair of HS7’s and the HS8s subwoofer.

The difference in price is manageable, so that’s not really the issue. What I want is the best sound for my room as I keep studying to transition from more “upbeat” to Cinematic driven tracks. I’ve heard the 8’s lack a bit on the lower frequencies that the sub replaces. My small studio (room) is 12.5ft X 13ft with 10ft ceiling and carpet floor. Walls are sparingly treated with foam and a few corner bass traps.

Thanks for any advice guys/girls.

Hi Paul,

I bought the HS8s about a month ago and have been very pleased with the frequency response and incredible clarity in the mid and high range. They are great all-rounders for most genres of music.

There is bass, though you will likely be missing out on the 20-50Hz (sub-bass) region, which would otherwise be plentiful (and adjustable) with the subwoofer. This is mostly due to the intentionally flat response of the HS series. They can certainly deliver bass if you push them (if you feed them enough of a bass signal they can really thud), but obviously they are not designed to be listened to in this way.

Given that you’re transitioning to more cinematic tracks (where bass and sub bass frequencies are very important!), I’d be inclined to go for the 7s with the subwoofer. From what I’ve heard, the HS7s offer a very similar frequency response to the HS8, with just a little less low end and low-mid range. However coupled with a sub they would make a wonderful monitoring source.

Hope this helps! :wink:


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I love you man! LOL!

Thank you! I do recall your thread about monitors and you deciding to go with the 8’s. I’m really pleased to hear you’re happy with them. Can I ask,

Do you use stands or place them on a desk/table?
Is there a specific interface you recommend that compliments your 8’s?

I’m using an iMac and haven’t decided on an interface yet either.

By the way, you’re music seems like it gets better very day and your sales are kickin’ butt! Congrats brother!

I’ts 1:15am here so I’m off to bed so don’t think I’m ignoring your response. Check you tomorrow James

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Haha thanks, man. Working hard to improve my craft every day. :slight_smile:

I have them on my desk at the moment, each sitting on top of two small isolation pads. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface - it’s been great so far and does everything I want it to. Highly recommend it.

The isolation pads work well to absorb the frequencies coming from the speaker that would otherwise resonate through the desk. However, I’ll need to invest in some proper acoustic treatment for the rest of the room in order to see the potential of the monitors. It’s definitely on the list of things to get, but my gear budget has been sort-of-entirely blown on my new ambitious PC build, so I’ll have to start saving again :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, good luck with getting those monitors!

Thanks for the insight @AurusAudio , i’m planning to buy this monitor too, but still unsure which one is suits my needs.