Genelec 8010A

Hi music folks,
Here is a giveaway of a pair of Genelec monitors, I already own them and they sound really good even they are really small. Good luck! :blush:

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If you have crappy monitors with these you can make music great again :muscle::musical_keyboard::notes::musical_note::grin:


Haha, sounds like a political slogan. Anyways, thanks for info :wink:

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Well actually good monitors can help you a lot in the mixing/mastering process and let you make a good sounding music, right?

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These monitors 3 inch speaker and starts from the bottom 74 Hz, i.e. drum and bass, they are difficult to mix, as they do not provide parity of low frequencies … in my opinion, they are good only as additional speakers

well here isn’t the case even if they come in small factor…for example Daniel James composed the score of some feature films and games on these exact same monitors!