Producing music on the Jungle 🌿



Here we are, on the Audio-Jungle:

Are we losing our minds? :stuck_out_tongue:

This was just to say merry Christmas to everyone around here! hahaha :slight_smile:


Nice studio! :smiley:
Merry Xmas to everyone!


Merry Christmas, mate!


Merry XMas !:christmas_tree:


Happy new year and Christmas!


And Happy Holidays to you as well @SnailMusic! :champagne:


huh :grinning: Happy Holydays @SnailMusic!


Hahaa you brought the “Jungle” into the studio :smiley: . Merry Christmas.


How did you work on these monitors? Comfortable or want to change ???)))
I ask because I have the same …


Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

Are those Yamaha HS8’s?


Yeah there are nice! We try to mix the songs testing them in many different monitors, even the ones on the laptop :slight_smile:


¡Feliz Navidad Pablo y Fernando!


I know that this Yamaha HS80, I myself such, just wanted to ask the opinion of the sound from SnailMusic.


Cool! :grinning: Merry Christmas!


¡Muchas gracias, SnailMusic!

Feliz Navidad a todos los colegas de AJ y Envato. :christmas_tree: :gift:

Frohe Weihnachten an alle Kollegen von AJ und Envato. :christmas_tree: :gift:

Merry Christmas to all colleagues from AJ and Envato. :christmas_tree: :gift:


Happy Holydays @SnailMusic! My best friend !!!


Sorry I thought you mean the little ones on top of them! We had before the KRK RP8 but we sold them to buy the Yamaha HS80… bass sound is better, more real, but as I said, we try all the songs in many different monitors and little speakers


I use Adam a7x. It’s sound right for me. My next monitor upgrade maybe is Focal Solo Be. :smiley:


@SnailMusic Congrats! This is Yamaha HS80M at me same… Merry Christmas and Happy New Yer!!!


yes agree, I would say that the HS 80 more honest sound (a flat frequency response)
and even experts have advised me to buy a subwoofer to them, then the sound image more precise.