WPES Envato Theme Update class.



Hi Folks,

I just released WPES Envato Theme Update class here https://github.com/nttoanbrvt/WPES-Envato-Theme-Update

You can use this class for free in your themes, this allows your buyers to automatic update the theme through their purchase code and personal token key.

Let me know if you have any question.

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Thank you for sharing this. I’m wondering if we are allowed to use it re this thread: ThemeForest not allowing Automatic Updates?


Yes for sure this is allowed.


Ah I see because it gives to a verified link to the download rather than actually doing the update. So it’s ok to use.



Will This work with CodeCanyon plugins, too?


Not yet, im making another class for plugin author, this could be done soon.


An official theme/update plugin is coming really soon. I would honestly avoid any custom update code at this stage, as it may be incompatible with the official version coming soon


This could be built-in like theme functionality, another option for theme author, it works as you update the free theme on wordpress.org.