Plugin update checker for themes

Is it safe to use for plugins and theme updates , if not what can I use for automatic updates that is allwed by Envato?

Thank you.


Have you tried with Envato Market WordPress Plugin:


Plugin update ckecker fails the envato theme check so is not good…

I will look into the one that you sent me, thank you.

The Envato Market Wordpress Plugin is nice the only issues is that my theme has a plugin for settings like share or like, this is required by envato now so that plugin is not on envato and I have to add a updater for it and I am not sure if the Plugin update ckecker is allowed.

I would appreciate it if someone who has a recently approved plugin approved can tell me what to use for the update.

Thank you.

Hello there,
If you want to update your plug-in you should give update in theme . That’s mean if you want to give a update for your plug-in you should change the bundle plugin in your theme files and give a theme update for customers. For example if you have plugin in your theme files and given users the theme and now you have an update in theme you should edit your theme files and replace the file with your The tgm will find and shows update available for your example-v1 plugin .

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