Wpbakery Styles Not Applying on Custom Post Types

Hi friends, I know the question is off topic for envato forums but i have didn’t get any answer for this question, so thatswhy i am asking here because all the professional theme developer can be found here.

My Question is why Wpbakery styles are not applying on Custom Post Types? Is there any kind of specific documentation for that. I have searched every where but found only the questions from others without answers. Please help if you can. Thank you very much

“Wpbakery styles are not applying on Custom Post Types” - that question does not make sense. Do you mean you are not able to see the WPBakery editor when editing the custom post type? If so, you need to enable it for each CPT under WPBakery Settings.

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I mean when i make layout so that i can use it as header or footer layout of a page or post, then the styles from wpbakery elements like padding, background colors are not applied. Please see the images below

I have didn’t see any style on the front end. Hope you understand now.

You should better contact the WPBakery Page Builder author for help with this.