WPBakery Integration into CPT Plugin (wordpress)

I’ve created a Wordpress plugin (basically a Custom Post Type). I am trying to figure out how to use the Page Builder in my plugin. It is also not showing up when I choose Role Manager ->Post types Custom in WPBakery. I don’t think it’s hard to do, but I’m not sure where to start. I have decent programming exp, so I don’t mind technical references at all. Thanks.

Assuming that you have license for WPBakery, you could contact the theme author and ask some help for free

WPBakery came bundled with a Theme I purchased. So no I don’t have a license. That’s why I’m asking here and have not contacted the author.

go to the settings and it’s in there under roles (I think), select the post types you want to enable

This is a custom plugin that I built. I’ve already looked under roles and it’s not there. I’m trying to get WPBakery to recognize my plugin so it will be there.

Your custom post type isn’t registered properly then if WP Bakery can’t see it in it’s roles, check your CPT is set as public

Ahh ok. I’ll check that. I’ve never had to hook into WPBakery before so don’t know all the rules yet.

That did it. Perfect! I knew I was missing something easy. Thanks for your help.

no problem