i purchased theme from themeforest and i got wp bakery page builder, how i can activate wp bakery licence?

i purchased theme from themeforest and i got wp bakery page builder, how i can activate wp bakery licence?

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Follow this article helpful for you.

Or contact with your purchase item author


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Downloaded the latest WP Bakery (Visual Coposer) plugin available from and it still does not work. Now I only see junk like this “[vc_row][vc_column][penci_container container_layout=“11”][penci_column width=“1/1” order=“1”][vc_empty_space height=” and I can’t edit my site.

The article says you don’t need to buy a license for WP Bakery for it to work, but this does not appear to be correct information because I have the plugin installed but it does not work.

Contact with your purchase item author or open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you.

You can try with installing classic editor (free you can download from wordpress.org). Also you have to selcet WP Bakery visual backend editor when you will go to edit any post/page.

Thank you. No response from the author. Will try an Evanto Help Ticket next.

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When did you reach out to them? (authors tend not to support items on weekends)

Was it via the correct official route?

Hostig PHP and WP versions are up to date?

Thank you for the reply. I tried the Classic Editor and it did not work. I’ve been trying everything I can find for days. Reinstalled entire theme, disabled all plugins, deleted plugins and got them fresh, reinstalled, tried all default settings on WP Bakery, I still I only see the code for my pages and not the editor. WP Bakery knows this is going on because they have a help item specifically for it. Their answer is to try to disable Guetenberg which I’ve done in several different ways and that doesn’t work. Their solution as a next step is to buy a license from them (on top of the one I have for the theme) but I’m not paying twice for something that does not work on the first purchase.

Thanks, I’ll have to be patient it seems, but my web site works on the weekends. :wink:

Is the hosting PHP/WP/Theme all up to date?

Yes, all three. Even tried downgrading PHP to previous versions. Had another person on another system try it as well. No js or php errors. The “Visual” and “Text” tabs and other tabs on that page no longer work. Upgraded Yoast SEO plugin again. All plugins are up to date and the problem exists even with all plugins off except the builder and the Pensi News framework which are the only two required.

We’ve had that issue a couple fo times and to be honest it’s always been a case of playing around with Classic Editor and Gutenberg but appreicate from the above you’ve tried that

Yes, tried the “Remove Gutenberg” plugin. It was working before with that, but removed it and tried Classic Editor, no luck. Added the Classic Editor add on as well. Turned classic editor on and off in several places trying to see if it made the WP Bakery builder work again with no luck.

What theme is it?

Pensi News. Site is https://truestrangenews.com Luckily only the backend editor is broken. The site still renders fine, just can’t change any pages.

That theme is 5 star from a power eliet so I am certain that there will be a simple fix

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Hope so. It has a lot of sales and features. I’d like to find someone else using “PenNews - Multi-Purpose AMP WordPress Theme” to see if theirs is broken too.