WordPress Theme from Envato Elements not working

What is wrong with the WordPress Themes on Envato Elements? I’ve tried every theme that I like hoping to get it to working for my project but I was only able to get 1 to working. The rest is a futile attempt.

Take the Antive Theme for example. Right now I’m trying to customize a page which was created using WPBakery. I tried replacing the images with my own and the images won’t show up. I thought there was a problem with the images I uploaded so I changed the image with the ones came with the theme and the problem persisted.

I tried to asked for help but was instructed to post on this forum instead. It looks like I made a mistake of getting this subscription. Is there any way I can have it refunded instead?

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Each theme come with documentation. So, I would highly recommend please theme documentation to know how to work/customize with the theme.
If you have any query please contact Elements Support. Support Team will be happy to help.


Thank you for replying.

Trust me, I went through the entire documentation. That’s what I do to better understand how to work on things as these, and even the documentation is lacking.

I did try to contact Elements Support and was advised to post my issue here.

Appreciate your help.


I think compatibility issues there. You can try with installing classic editor. Because some theme still not ready to go with wordpress 5 default block editor. So, install classic editor and active hope visual composer will work fine. Please also make sure you have replaced the current image (edit image/add new image) from the page edit option using WPBakery visual composer.


Thanks for the suggestions. I still use the classic editor, I prefer it over the block editor, so no issues there for sure. Also, the editor being used doesn’t matter if you’re editing using WP Bakery, right? Or is there?

BTW, is there any better way to replace the image built with WP Bakery than to edit using the page builder?

Appreciate your help!


Use classic editor to edit the page instead of page builder for a moment and edit/replace the image from there.


Check the Theme Item Description page on Themeforest and see till what WordPress and Visual Composer (now WP Bakery Page Builder) version that particular theme is compatible with.

If you are using the latest version of WordPress i.e. v5.2.2 and the theme is compatible only till WordPress v4.9, then it is bound to have some issues.

So, you have to either rollback to the old version of WordPress or use a theme is which is always updated to support the latest version of WordPress.

With Elements subscription, you don’t get any sort of Tech Support for WordPress Themes which is not good. You have to do your own due diligence to make things work in this case. Best advice to buy WordPress themes is directly from the Theme Author themselves as you get official support from them whenever needed.

Thanks for taking time to reply. You shared some valuable insights on how to approach my issue.

I did check Themeforest and it’s actually compatible with WordPress 5.2.1. So it should be fine. I checked the notes on Envato Elements and I think that’s where the problem lies. As far as compatibility is concerned, it’s tested up version 4.6 only. I suppose themes on Elements are not updated.

Again, thank you very much.