WPBakery Visual Composer 5.4.2 doesn't work

Is it possible that Visual Composer 5.4.2 is not compatible with WordPress 4.8.2? I updated Visual Composer to this new version yesterday and it ceased to work properly after that. Any compatibility issues with other plugins have already been ruled out.

Yeah, I have experienced errors too. VC elements in sidebars started to break in my experience.

I have issues updating to 5.4.2 - it doesn’t update despite being in the latest version of WP. Also, I have seen 5.4.1 stop allowing me to edit many components (I get the spinning loading icon of death).

fix it manually.
· Open file. wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/updaters/class-vc-updater.php
· Change line number 32
· From: public $title = ‘WPBakery WPBakery Page Builder’;
· To: public $title = ‘WPBakery Page Builder’;
· Save the file and try to update again.

This line of code has already been changed in Visual Composer version 5.4.2 - perhaps it was part of the last update.
I’m having problems editing images on the home page and the footer menu not updating properly.
Does anyone else have any ideas why this is not working as it should?

You have support ask them.

Actually I don’t, and I think it’s ridiculous that developers don’t get these issues right in the first place!
I realise your response was aimed at helping us novices, and I thank you for that; I certainly wasn’t trying to be smart in pointing out that particular issue had been addressed already … there is evidently another conflict.

Such thing with 6 month support didn’t think developers than Envato. They are taking big fee from every transaction.