Looking for a better site design for Posts

I’m seeking for a more friendly looking design for my post pages. The site I use looks like the first picture attached. I’m looking for something that looks more like the second picture. Any suggestions? I’m not concern with the design of the other pages as I can make do with whatever is included in the format.
Ernie T.

You can make those changes using css.
You can change font size, weight, color, family.


in your 2nd attached image there are 3 sections: first post title, 2nd a combination of post meta and plugin for like count and 3rd is post details. So you have to manage your theme code accordingly. Other for design cosmetics things you have to play with css.

Thanks, works perfect.

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You can create your own page layout with Smart Sections Theme Builder.

  • It supports all the post types, custom fields and taxonomies.
  • You will be able to create a layout with WPBakery Page Builder.
  • You can add all these informations “Social Sharing box, Breadcrumb, Date, Author, Title, Featured Image, Related Posts, Comment and Post Content” as a dynamic element.

Please take a look at our product page to discover it’s features and layout demos.

Best Regards.