WP Weekly Food Choice Solution plugin suggestions?

The need I have - I run a Wordpress site with members area (using Ultimate Member) for a group of people who meet every week and purchase a pre-arranged meal. I am wanting to create a facility whereby each member can enter their meal choices for a given meeting. Most members are assumed to be coming unless they state otherwise, so I could do with each of the members having a default setting (i.e., Hot Meal, Cold Meal, Vegetarian, Not Attending) so that week on week, if their choice is not going to be changed, then they can just leave it be. However, if, on a particular week they want to change their choice, they can easily do that by clicking a different choice. An admin person needs to be able to look at the results on the day by a certain time to be able to give numbers to the hotel in order to make the correct amount of meals. The admin person collecting the results for the day would need to see not only how many for each type of meal choice for the purpose of telling the hotel caterers, but would also need to see who made those choices (so that meals already paid for but not taken on this occasion can be refunded). It does not matter if each member can see other’s choices.

I do not mind having to paste in a shortcode for the same ‘poll’ or facility 52 times for the next year on a calendar arrangement or something, (it is important that people can enter choices ahead of time so that they can sort things out for when they are going to be on holiday, for instance), it is just important that the members find making their choices easy, and that the person collecting the data can also do their job easily.

Thank you very much in advance!

Thank you!