Hi Everyone

I uploaded my first WP Plugin five days ago and I’m itching to see if it gets approved. To be honest I’m kind of thinking the reviewers might not appreciate how useful it is and say there’s not enough of a market for it, etc. Oh well, if they do I’ll list it on .org. Hopefully the millions of people rushing to download it doesn’t break the site. :wink:

You can always she a link to your demo here for feedback in the meantime

Hi Charlie4282,

I don’t have a back end demo set up for people to use, but here are a few screen shots showing how it works. The plugin is called Location Specific Menu Items and shows or hides individual menu items based on a user’s country.

Select one or more countries:

Choose whether to hide or show:

Does this seem useful enough to get listed on code canyon?

Ok, just set up a demo at http://plug.translasia.com/wp-admin/nav-menus.php

u: demo123
p: demo123

I’d love to hear some feedback.

Its a nice idea - I have no idea if something like that l would be approved and you may be waiting for the ‘millions of people’ to download it I could be wrong. :wink:

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