Looking For Plugin to Display Data in a Certain Way


I am a word press newbie & just starting a food blog. I use WordPress 4.9.4 & I need some kind of plugin, but I have yet to find something that will work for the data I’m wanting to display. And it could be as simple as me not knowing what to search for. I have tried “tables”, “lists”, “grids”, “timetables” and so on, but no mater which plugin creator I have contacted they say their plugin won’t work for what I’m trying to do. I have attached screenshots of the type of things I’m trying to display.

Basically, I’m writing a weekly blog series that will document my half marathon journey both with training & with nutrition. These values will change weekly. Currently I’m making these tables via MS word & MS Excel. I had planned on posting the screenshots in my blog, but there is so much data that the pictures just aren’t big enough to read. I have minimized the data as much as I can.

Thank You!


You can try with this plugins