Stuck picking Plugins

Hey All!

I’m trying to build a WP client dashboard for my clients to be able to do a number of things. One of these is booking meetings with me or rescheduling those meetings. I want it to be a plugin that just adds a menu item on the standard WP menu when a user logs in, so that they can look at the upcoming appointments and manage them. I don’t want to create a webpage for them to access this function, as i’ll have other plugins for things like Doc Signing and Progress Tracking on the same menu.

I’ve looked at a few and checked out the Demo’s but i can’t really get a full feel of how the client experience will be implemented.

You will need to understand that there is no plugins for every things you need. Sometimes you need to pay someone who will make what you want.

Thats understandable, i thought i’d still ask if they existed. Sometimes it’s hard to navigate between plugins as not every small feature is listed, or the demo’s aren’t good enough. This way someone can point out if my desired feature exists! :slight_smile:

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Looking forward