Looking for WP Developer to Partner with for WIP Plugin Development

I’m developing a WordPress Developer plugin and looking for a developer to partner with. I’ve already done a lot of the UI work. And the plugin is actually a partial migration of a CodeIgniter project over to a WP plugin. I’m trying to move the CodeIgniter project over as much as possible, and stripping unnecessary code in the process. I’m sure some segments of the code will have to be fully rewritten.

For more details on the type of plugin, please ask. I don’t want to give exact details in an open forum.

Hi, i would like to get this job. I’ve worked since 2014 with a elite author on theme forest and now i am looking for a job as the team split up. If you’re still searching for someone to partner with please drop a message and discuss further. Thanks!

I’m willing to provide quality services and solutions. Looking forward to work and collaborate with you for a long term. I have been selling at Envato for many years. You can check out my quality products and sales.

Please drop me an email so i can get started with your project.

Hey there, this would be for partnering up on development on a WP plugin that would then be listed for sale. There would be no payment at first, and payment would come from the sale of the product.

I’ve already created much of the frontend for the plugin, and need to partner with someone to complete the backend work.

Let me know if you’re still interested.

I’m interested. Let’s talk!

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@codemypain Good morning. I work from home tomorrow (Fri). I’ll reach out to you then to go over the details. Thanks for writing, and looking forward to chatting with you!

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