WP Template but PSD Template hard rejected


I have recently submitted a PSD Template but it was hard rejected. Perhaps I didn’t meet all the requirements of the documentation organisation when uploading my item. I am going to upload a WP Theme based on this PSD Template. The WP Theme includes much more elements that I didn’t include into my PSD Template and so it looks much better and complete.

My question is: could my WP eCommerce Theme based on that PSD Templated be still approved?

Thanks a lot

It completely depends on the design itself and the features/elements etc you are applying.

If you share a link to an image of the PSD then people may be able to give you more insight

Thanks for your reply,

Yes, of course, I understand it depends on the design itself. My question was if my PSD template (that was rejected earlier) can become a reason why my WP Theme (which I am planning to submit and which is based on that rejected PSD template) can be rejected.

Can I submit a WP Theme based on the rejecte PSD Template? Do I have chances that it will be approved even if the PSD Template was rejected?

You can if you want - the expectations can vary a bit (even if the PSD is accepted that does not mean a WP version will be and vice versa) but it comes down to what was wrong with the PSD as to weather it is worth doing

Thanks a lot for your reply, it was really helpful.

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