Hard reject psd? should we continue with WordPress?

Hi all,

I have 2 hard rejected item with same messages:

Your template has a good start, unfortunately, due to our high requirements your template is not ready for the PSD template category.

This is better suited for Site Templates or WordPress — or another category, it has potential to be accepted but it may require more improvements before it’s approved under another category.

Your are not providing an unpleasant template but the PSD category requires higher quality in terms of aesthetics.

The question is: should we continue to work with HTML template & WordPress?
Of course approved PSD is much preferred; but in my case, should we continue to convert or just put it into the recycle bin?
My ultimate goal is also making WordPress base on those submitted PSDs. But how do you treat those hard rejected items with those messages? and with those potentials, is it possible to be sold many here? Do you experience some items similar to mine but get a high sale volume?
I really appreciate your idea and expert comment as I really don’t want to just puting it into the bin.

Thank you very much!

Even if it’s written in the message that it might be suited for WordPress, the reality is, WordPress has even higher standards of aesthetics than PSD category. There are some threads in this forum from authors accepted into PSD category, did the convert, did not get in the WP category.

First and foremost, when it comes to approval, make sure your design is so awesome, it cannot NOT be accepted into ANY category here. But how to do that? Only by creating designs and trying to get approved and doing it all over again…

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What is the PSD?You have any JPG image that we see to provide some help?

good luck

So we just put those in the corner and start something new?
I thought the highest standards of aesthetics should be PSD category…

Coud you give us a screenshot? I think WP category has higher requirements than PSDs