PSD approved but Wordpress got hard rejected


Some case, we spend months to convert an approved PSD design to Wordpress theme but we got hard rejected.

“‘WordPress’ has higher standards in terms of aesthetics. An approved design in other categories does not guarantee an approval under ThemeForest’s WordPress category.”

So my question: There is any way to confirm a design (PSD approved already) can get approve in Wordpress category before start?

Thank you.

Can you post the link to PSD and Wordpress. I think will be easier to understand what exactly is the problem.


This is my design:

Thank you.

If you have a psd approved it doesn’t mean you will have youre wordpress theme approved. It is just a matter of code quality not graphic design.

1Checkout Wordpress best practice

Make sure the theme is pixel perfect

Make sure the theme is safe and doesn’t have bugs, enable debug

Lately whether an item is hard/soft rejected, even though the PS has been approved, often comes down to sales based on experience. I’ve had items that are soft rejected that need improvement, that are based on an approved PSD, and sales performance of the PSD has been a factor.

So, if the PSD has a high number of sales (and the WP theme is of good quality) you’re more likely to get accepted.

It is likely based on several factors:

  • Sales of PSD
  • Date of release of PSD ( not an issue in this case)
  • Features available
  • Code quality
  • UX and technical translation i.e. if there are features of the PSD that could/should be interactive etc. are they bought to life the best they can?

The design you linked to is not bad at all and has numerous features so I doubt it is the design which is an issue and more likely the delivery

I do think that the design in not a issue here, your psd has an ok number of sales, 11 on the psd category is ok since most file have 2-3 sales to none. It has to be the coding but I don’t know why you got hard rejected, I mean, the code can’t be that bad… a soft rejection with some guidance would be more appropriate. Maybe the reviewer was lazy and did not want to write a long message with improvements :))

Reviewer is Emil?

I think PSD quality is related to time.

This PSD is uploaded 1 year ago and nowadays it looks really outdated!
If you are working on PSD to Wordpress then Quick cooperation will save you. Because 1 year ago Envato is like a no Quality content approved and only few Features based. Nowadays only Unique and Quality will save your work.

Goodluck! Your PSD looks little bit not Unique and lot’s of improvements need.

You should check the date. It says Dec 1 2015, that is one month ago, not one year ago :))) and the design is pretty good actually.

Oh i missed that.

i think it’s already approved [LINK REMOVED Item promotion]

2 sales already :wink: good luck mate

Surely there was some small coding error.

I think you should close this thread because this solved.

Good luck with sales

I thought that “hard reject” is only for design. First look - reviewer do not like it == hard reject .

But why did they accept it later if they already hard-rejected it? TF has a strict policy that you cannot submit the same layout twice if it got hard rejected.

From what I know You can resubmit it but with “big changes” and not just with some few changed details.

Yup - you can as long as you make enough of a change/update to distinguish it

Thank all,

Finally I got approved [Link Removed: Self Promotion]

So Happy.

Haha. I think so.