Approved Design Soft Rejected Due to Design Issue


Guys i am struggling here and we have soft rejected with Design Already Approved Theme. We have uploaded it into Themeforest but reviewers require to change the Typography and other elements improvement.

If we changed elements style and typography it’s going to different theme. Is there are anyone has similar issue before?

I can’t ask Reviewers Envato please add One Time Quick question button on Review History if it’s rejected.


This seems to be the new trend among reviewers. I don’t really get it! How could a design be good for the psd category but not for the WP ? Isn’t the Psd category the one with the higher standards in design?

It happened to us as well, just submit it again and write to the reviewer that you have an approved psd and give him the link. Maybe this will work. Good Luck

Oh maybe it’s the main issue. I didn’t mentioned our PSD has Approved already in PSD category.

Conclusion: Wordpress Category Quality > PSD Category Quality? Is that True?

Ohh I totally understand you…my wordpress theme also was rejected, although html was approved :frowning: I mentioned that and wrote email to envato support, nothing :frowning: they answered me that design not yet quality for themeforest , HOW it’s possible I don’t get it…Understand your woe…
I will change theme, what else we can do

This happens to me also… PSD design already for sale but WordPress version is rejected due to it’s design… and Yes new reviewer reviews it… @Themewaves any update? does your item already approve?

I have actually Reuploaded and it’s still in Queue. Actually stuck it on 3 soft. It means i lost a week.

time is wasted… 9 days new item and then 2 days soft rejected… I deleted mine when it got 2nd soft reject…