Having a PSD Approved then getting Hard Rejection for WordPress

Ok, most of us read this message :

" An approved design in other categories does not guarantee an approval under ThemeForest’s WordPress category "

Spending Weeks or maybe months designing a PSD Template, then making it HTML/WP and getting hard Rejection for the same design. This doesn’t really make any sense cuz you are not sure if your WP will pass the review without hard rejection.

You don’t have any motivation making a design then waiting if it gets into PSD category. Yet you are not sure to be happy or not cuz you should wait for the final decision (WP) and you can easilly get hard rejected without any specific reason.

I understand that if the WordPress has issues or if it was not developed well, it would be great if the reviewer mention that the design is great but the coding wasn’t done well. In this case we would improve the code and have our product approved.

I would highly appreaciate if Envato makes a change in this matter. It would be great if they check the PSD design carefully and make their decision at that stage just like how it was before. Many of us know, few years back, when we had the PSD approved we just made a note for the reviewer, “Note this is a conversion of an existing item (PSD)” and we were asked to do so, from the reviewer staff and now it all changed.

Can’t really find any reason to understand why this change has been made.

Please add link preview demo thanks.

Same happened to me. It is very bad to work couple of weeks and at the end your item is hard rejected. Aesthetic standards should be same for categories like PSD, HTML, WordPress.


The original message here doesn’t mention the reason for rejection eg code, asthetics etc?

The problem is what if a PSD is old and as such the design is outdated?

I am certain there are a lot of PSD designs that aren’t able to demonstrate features and functionality when converted to code.

I am quite sure that “doesn’t meet requirements” message is a generic hard rejection message and may not actually refer to the design itself necessarily

“Note this is a conversion of an existing item (PSD)”
This note hasn’t worked anymore, unfortunately.
@Nunforest you are LV10 but still got the hard reject. You’re gotta kidding.

You’re right.