Wordpress Theme Hard Rejected While PSD and HTML Versions Are Approved

Hi everyone, we sent our WordPress theme Strucflex (Live Demo) and it is hard rejected. In mail, Envato is saying “We found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” But this item is sent as PSD Design ( 1 sale) and HTML Template (13 Sales). We used similar bundle plugins (Elementor, One Click Demo Import, TGMPA, ACF) and functions which are also used in our previous Wordpress Theme. We can’t understand why did they reject our theme. Anyone here, can explain this situation please?

Sorry, but we are also facing the same issue. It is become really hard to work with TF. They hard rejected our hard works in just 1 minute of review. As an Elite Author we have the responsibility to maintain the envato and industry standard. They just rejected our 3 theme back to back. I think the problem is with the new reviewers, they are just non designer and non technical.

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I think this is not the issue with the reviewers they just updated their requirements for WordPress themes. you should read that article.

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Thanks for your reply. Can you send last requirements link please? If you are saying this link, we have approved theme after last update. https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000472383-WordPress-Theme-Requirements

No I just said about design requirements. They are now demanding higher level of products with respect to aesthetic and attention to detail.

Hard rejection is strange in your case (when both code, design and message to reviewer are bad), soft reject will be normal by my subjective opinion. What you write to reviewer in first message?

Yes sometimes is hard to figure out reviewer opinion…

On first submission you should test theme with basic automatic tools, if there is error then probably reviewer can quickly click on rejected.


Check with wp unit test content and compare with standard wp theme each post/page/category/menu

Check with w3c validator

Check your theme with envato theme check plugin

Check with theme sniffer

Check code manually

Check code with regex for some basic errors

Pay someone else to check your theme before submission

My notices:

and many parts have bad contrast (text/bkg), this looks extremely unreadable:

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Thanks for your reviewing our situation. It is our second Wordpress Theme, first is NexOut Wordpress Theme. We passed all these steps which you said. w3c validator, unit test xml, envato check plugin and there is no any error, carefully about esc_attr and esc_html codes. We are planning to fix some design issues which you said, and improve content layouts then send it again.

Hi @albertle

I don’t think so reviewer can get hard rejection for design point view, In my personal opinion it is problem between HTML & Wordpress submission, may be themeforest approve same design in one platform. hope you understand.

Sorry, but we are also facing the same issue.

Can everyone for us some comments? Our theme have all features for premium quality

  • Power and Flexible Themecore
  • Customizer for Theme
  • 6 Home Pages
  • Industry Pages and Business (Service, Portfolio,…)
  • Blog and Woocommerce Pages
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