Why is my product rejected for no reason?

After a while of developing our product converted into WordPress Theme, my product was rejected for no reason.

This is my WordPress preview: http://funimal.vikitheme.com/
Please say before that our product from the previous WordPress version we have 2 versions:

1 - Funimal PSD Template here: https://themeforest.net/item/funimal-premium-furnitureinterior-psd-template/19533701
2 - Funimal HTML Template here: https://themeforest.net/item/funimal-premium-furnitureinterior-html-template/20912008
and preview: http://funimal.vikitheme.com/html/

So why am I denied, or if I do not instruct me to submit the product because all our copyright is.

Hi. While this can be a really frustrating I want to let you know, that an approval under other categories doesn’t guarantee you anything in WordPress category. This is because of much higher standards in terms of design and aesthetics in WordPress. The more top-notch quality items become available in the category – the higher a minimum threshold for approval is. And it can be different and much higher for WordPress category.

Now here are some my personal thoughts:
Your design was approved in 2017. With all due respect, while it was fairly good for that past year, I can’t say that it offers premium style and look and feel at the current moment. The design trends change rapidly and more higher and modern up-to-date items become available on ThemeForest. So that 2-years delay worked against you. I may advice you to check the latest themes and design trends prior to start any development (or ask someone for consultation if you can’t do this design-check yourself).

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Thanks for your review, I actually reviewed it and realized this. Perhaps I will proceed to build products different from the current trend and quality.