My WordPress submission got hard Rejected? But the same design is approved as HTML template and Psd Template

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

Unfortunately ‘WordPress’ has higher standards in terms of aesthetics. An approved design in other categories does not guarantee an approval under ThemeForest’s WordPress category. Your design needs significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to details.

As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold, quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet.

link for tmeplate :

Please help me to find out what is lacking in template is it design or code?
and also can any one please tell me on which device reviewer check items because the screenshots provided by reviewer are not matching with live demo on my system
Here are the screenshots:

Thank You

Approval in one category does not guarantee approval in another esp when the approval was 3-4 years ago in one of the most crowded categories

You are going to need to extend features and functionality to compete now

You mean to say that design wise its good?
and need to extend features and functionality to compete now in terms of different layouts or :thinking:

Can i sell this theme outside of envato market as WordPress theme because after seeing HTML and PSD version people are still asking for WordPress theme?

No you can’t - you are an exclusive author which applies to associated items

This is suck a crowded category that it would require a lot more features and potentially modernising design too

What if i delete the associated items? and then sell outside envato

I think that is ok but I am not 100% sure so it’s best to ask envato Envato Authors Help and Support

Wouldn’t it be wiser to rather try to improve it and get it approved here on the most popular marketplace, rather then uploading it somewhere else where you most likely won’t sell as well?
Why do you think that something which is not good enough for Envato will even sell anything anywhere else? Approach it as a challenge: work harder and you will greatly improve your skills AND get your item on ThemeForest and earn some money.

To give you more constructive criticism: your typography is not good enough. It is probably the biggest factor and can make a HUGE difference. Minimalistic designs like yours are all about the typography so you must really nail it. I can guarantee you that a typographic guru could bring this design to a completely another level by changing the typography (and spacing) alone. Aim to become that typographic guru.

Of course, if this is your first WP theme then there may be many issues in the code as well, but until you nail the design, the code part doesn’t really matter.

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it will never be a good idea where you are an exclusive author in envato merket. If you like to sell your item outside envato merket then why you not turn your account into Non-Exclusive!

you can check more information about exclusivity here:

Actually i was planning to release basic version first and then add more functionality and features in upcoming releases. I thought my psd and html version is approved and i will get approval or soft rejected on WordPress version but got hard rejected. I am not complaining about hard rejection but i have put lot of time behind developing WordPress version and i cant scrap it like that even though i got hard rejected i am going to work on another project but don’t want to scrap this theme

Nobody is saying anything about scrapping it. Just improve it (greatly).

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Thank you so much for your reply
But i am bit confuse as you said “your typography is not good enough” then why i got approval for same HTML Template are the rules different for html and WordPress for typography

And do you mean that should i improve typography and resubmit it
Yes it is my first wp Theme i have created after downloading and reviewing other themes form theme forest and tried to follow their coding styles and also tested with unit test data and envato theme check plugin which is giving me some warnings

I am not complaining but confused
Once again thank you very much for reply :blush:

That HTML was approved three years ago. That is a LONG time ago in the context of web design. Design was ok for that time, is is not good for current time. Just forget that the HTML and PSD version of this design was approved. That fact does not play any role right now. You are wasting your time arguing about it. Your design is NOT good enough for 2020. Period.

Design evolves. For example I was a decent designer like five years ago, but since I haven’t honed my design skills (because I’ve focused more on the development side), I am a pretty subpar designer nowadays. If you want to make any money as a designer you have to understand this and always keep working on your skills. Nobody cares that you were able to make a good design years ago if you are not able to make a good design right now. You have to stop living in the past if you want to make any money on this marketplace.

Thank you for For your reply
Again i am not arguing about my design i was confused but now agree with your point design is old as compared to current trend
Can i improve same template and re-submit it?
and if i cant re-submit it than is there any way to sell this template as a WordPress theme

yes, you can but You must create a brand new item and ensure it is entirely distinguishable from your old item

if approve then you can covert the html item into wordpress theme and submit with mention that this ttheme is from the approved html to get review by the envato review team.

Thank You for your reply :blush:

I am already working on new template

I have already done this and mentioned in comment “WordPress version of approved HTML The Next Blog template” but got hard rejected

item approved don’t depends on any approved item. it depends on item quality based on the uploaded category. Actually themforest quality standard and requirements improved much. especially when it is on wordpress theme. there is no guarantee that approved html coverted wp theme will get approve.

Ok, Thank you so much for your reply :blush: