Create PSD website

Can i upload my Photoshop site template and than convert it HTML and CSS
And than WordPress site ??

Is uploading the psd different from HTML template ?

Yes you can upload it in different categories - bear in mind that approval in one does not guarantee approval in another

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I don’t understand
bear in mind that approval in one does not guarantee approval in another !!

You mean that if psd accept and when the HTML template turns not under the condition accepts ??

Exactly - it might be approved as a PSD but this does not mean that it will automatically be approved as HTML, likewise it may be approved as HMTL but this does not mean that it will definitely be approved for WP

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I uploaded PSD files but I want to know if it’s uploaded successfully and under reviews or not?

Sorry about question because I now see my project in review

And thank you for help me

can i send an image for my PSD template site here to know why the PSD dejected

I read all of about why rejected but I don’t why my work rejected

You can post preview images here while waiting if you want

With respect, this has zero chance of being approved.

Aside from the previews all being stretched, there are major issues with design basics (typography, hierarchy, alignment, spacing, construction) everywhere and the attention to detail is way off(even the form fields don’t align, footer icons are not evenly spaced).

You need to spend time refining professional-level design skills and understand the complexity and versatility that designs been to bring as well as unique original features

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ok thank you very mach

Magic cu
what do you mean by that ?

porto-psd/Images at main · meshoraouf/porto-psd (

i need help why rejected again?

With respect, if you cannot see the problems here then you will end up spending a lot of time (your own and the reviewers) without success. This will also very quickly end in your account being blocked.

Honestly, there is far too much wrong to give detailed feedback as it breaks just about every fundamental design rule.

Just compare your design with one of the popular ones already for sale on Themeforest and you will see the issues

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