Soft rejected WP theme based on premium PSD from ThemeForest



Hi everyone!

Couple of month ago our Blog PSD Template Penny
has been approved for selling on ThemeForest.
We decided to build WordPress Theme based on it. Here is the live demo
As you probably know requirements in terms of design for PSD category is higher than for any other category including WP.
And we were very surprised to receive Soft reject saying:

Design needs lots of improvements and because of that I am unable to provide any specific details.

How is that? We are frustrated.
We would much appreciate any feedback, any thoughts from you guys.

Thank you all!


Maybe try to follow the design better. There are a few things that don’t match and it must be pretty accurate. And don’t make the first page the one with the bg, it doesn’t look clean


Thank you very much for the feedback!


Just submit again and write to the reviewer that it is the WP version of already approved PSD template. We had the same issue before with one of our themes.


Thanks for the response.

And how it goes? Did you make any changes? Have they approved it after all?


you should config your WP looks like one of your PSD file :smiley:


Thank you leafcolor! Very good advice.


Yes, we just wrote it’s a theme based on approved design and it was approved.


But I wrote this to reviewer when I submit theme first time. And no result :frowning:
Anyway thank you for your answers. Huge help.


Hello, did you sort this out? Because this happened to us as well, PSD approved, HTML approved , WP soft rejected due to design issues.


Not yet. We are in the process of re-submission. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I have 2 WP themes in soft reject at the moment. Both Approved HTML

Iv pointed this out to the reviewers but they are not interested.

It makes me think, if the WP standards are so different to the HTML/PSD standards, why not increase standards for HTML/PSD to begin with!

I like to make HTMLs to test a design and then create WP from it - but right now im basically beings forced to whore my own work so it barley resembles the design I worked hard to get approved as HTML in the 1st place.

Im not moaning really, its just a bit of a slap in the face as I am proud of my HTML design (which is why it got approved) and dont enjoy having for basically morph my work into yet another copy and paste WP theme like all the rest.

Im sure in the end it will be worth it of course :slight_smile:


This really makes no sense, the PSD category should be the one that has the highest standards in design. This is not ok because there are a lot of partnerships between users and in this situation who’s to blame? The Design was approved but it’s not ok anymore , after 2-3 months?


The Reviewer is Emil ? If yes, then make a lot of sense.


Emil it is :)))


To be honest, your WP theme looks very different then the design. First thing I noticed is the line on the titles that you can easily do with pseudoelements, and you just lazily put a bottom border (which looks nothing like the desing). The portfolio is missing author name like in the desing. Some icon sizes are different (twitter icons for replying, favorite etc.). It’s not bad looking, but it does need some refinement imo.


I think that if your item is soft rejected , after both PSD and HTML are approved the reviewer should take the time to write 3-4 words and explain why it is rejected. After all the money you made for Envato, you at least deserve more than a copy/paste message.


That’s make a lot of sense then :))


Same thing happened here. I am now working on improving the WP version and it is now gone too far out from the HTML, I might as well re-name it completely! :smile: But I also would like to see the same high standard for all categories.


The line below headings bothers me - it looks prettier in PSD, because it is right underneath text, touching the typeface. Also - the first batch of posts look much better in PSD - prettier photos, more text in titles, comments, categories and date added. The WP version really is a sloppy made in comparison to PSDs.