Would you please help me to find out the rejection of the logo?

What is the problem of those logos and why did they reject it?
I am new and trying to become an author. If you experts please help me to identify the faults… !

@n2n44 help please he was hard rjected your logo. :+1:

Thank you for inviting him to find the problem. I read another post where you also invited @n2n44 and I have also followed him.

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Yes :slight_smile:

hi , this would be better for u to open one thread per item , this help to get into a deeper review of rejected items. anyways, in both cases, u have a bt the same problem to say the least … first of all the style looks rather clipartish in a general way and a bit to much between a drawn thing and a logo … u should try to taka look at current trends to inspire from them. Most of the logos that turn out to be trendy nowadays are made of shapes being withdrawn from others with the pathfinder . in order to create a modern style logo, when yours, as such , looks outdated indeed . There is a global like of finesse in the concept and the way u made it come true graphically speaking. I assume that the multiplication of elements is not so much of a good idea as well for such a logo marketplace purpose actually …
the typo is also super flat and very far from standards of any category here indeed … as u may know here this is a main focus and expectations are high , right now , what u have is not original enough , laking a bit relief and impact , not to mention that the imbrication of illustration and text could be improved to strengthen the harmony

I am overwhelmed to get help from you. I have now come to know something more that i did not know. I definitely try to improve and also follow your instructions. I think I need to read more on recent logo design trends and also about typography.
I want to beat graphicriver. I must win… !

Note: I will inbox you designing my second logo before submitting it to graphicriver… :slight_smile: Hope you will help me again.

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lol why shouldn’t i … i try to do for everyone lol i know that being a graphic designer is not easy to say the least, and same goes with adapting to marketplace issues and control requirements, i try to make the most of the experience that i have in order to make u take your game to the next level, at least i try to do my best for this. No need to “beat graphic river”, do things for yourself, for your own knowledge and proficiency , to take your skills to the next step and ensure a better life for yourself , all the other things are meaningless. I am not hiding that today this is very difficult for all people as with the increased saturation , standards are raising and more and more things are being rejected and even when u get approved items and exposure for your work with the concerned items, covid19 is just breaking it all. So, at least if u can financially afford it, invest much time to develop skills always more and wait for your time :slight_smile: