My logo has been rejected, please help me

Today I got info about my logo being rejected, now I hope there are suggestions for my logo being rejected, please…

sorry to tell u just this buddy , but u are really mile away from GR standards in a general way and in particular of those of the logo category at this stage … this is even a bit hard to to get to know what to start with , indeed. Globally the style is really outdated and u should try to inspire from mew trends, which are about subtracting shapes from others using much the pathfinder. Second of all, i have a really big trouble to identify who is target and what is the concept behind your logo. This is a problem indeed. Third of all, u have some execution issues a bit here and there and for instance the cuts in the main shape are definitely too thin. Here, logos are judged in small size too and if have such a thin cut , this looks bad when u decrease the size of the logo. 4th of all, but not least, indeed, the typo is way too flat … i identify that u tried to give an originality touch but with such high expectations in terms of typo as there are in GR globally, u are very far from hitting the target, right now. Indeed, u need to introduce more variations, more font combinations and to make sure that the logo and texts are well positioned in both vertical and horizontal versions. 5 of all , sorry to tell u this this honestly but the colors are definitely not attractive and i think that your choice was neither determined by complementary colors, shade of colors or themes color themes, which is not so good of a good idea. 6th of all, the imbrication of logo and illustration can be improved. Lastly, i assume that using a mockup and trying to secularize your item and presentation would be welcome