Would love some feedback 😊




Why dont you share the reason for hard-reject


Just the typical reason β€˜It isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward’



Then the theme is not quite good.

  1. Header With Menu is not good. – Check Image 1.
    1.1 Submenu Is not good.
    1.2 Menu font is not good.
    1.3 Menu Hover Effect Can be improved / change with a bg.

  2. Product Hover Effect is not good – Check Image 2

  3. Try fixed width instead of full width (Just an idea)

  4. Footer widgets area can be improved a lot.

  5. Single Blog page can be improved with a good layout for sidebar.

  6. Fonts Can be used much better / fonts change and provide a good looking site.

Image 1 : http://s.svarun.in/Y
Image 2 : http://s.svarun.in/Z

Image 3 : http://s.svarun.in/4

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Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it :blush: