Feedback with Hard Rejected Theme




We would like to hear what you guys think that we can do to improve our theme.

Here is the Demo.



I’d say the reason is demos being too plain and nothing unique in them. I like how the idea is - a clean design but you can improve by adding premium images, more features, typography (important). That’s my idea only. Good luck!


Thanks for you reply
Do you think we should do each demo more different between each other?
Typography we use google fonts and we have an option to the user chose the font he wants. Should we select diferent fonts for each demo?


Answers are yes and yes. You should surely change the fonts and “demonstrate” different things are possible. Good luck mate. Don’t just stop from making things different - apparently that’s not going to work in TF market either. I guess you need something unique to differentiate yours from others.


First thing i’ve noticed is that there is a lot of parallax effect in demos. I think that is a bit too much. You have a nice start design idea , i think you just need to open it more in whole style , continue it with typography and nice icons , check how premium themes done that , gather examples and analyse ! We got our product hard rejected first time also , though second was succes ! Good luck with yours !