Hard reject site template. How to improve my theme. Some help?

Hello all,

I developed an One, Multi page site template for Portfolio, Agencies and Architects.

I need feedback. Can someone help me where I can improve and what is the problem?
I believe that design is good enough to be accepted. I want to understand where are the problems of design, aesthetics, and more.

I need your help, I would not discard a theme not knowing how I can improve it.

Thanks & Best Regards,

I am quite surprised this was hard rejected as it seems really good not to mention different to me.

  • Scrolling is a bit jumping and staggered esp. in FireFox

  • Work info on hover is a bit small and insignificant against big blank image covers (but I get your thinking - take a look at these effects and how well they fill spaces with only a little but bold text http://tympanus.net/Development/HoverEffectIdeas/)

  • Pricing tables info could be better than the basic list currently there.

  • There seems to be a slightly wide area of white space around the content (make sure these are even section to section)


Thanks a lot for the answer.

He was also surprised me a hard reject.
I believed in a soft reject.
Do you think that making these changes can I send the site template again or are too few?

can i use the effects http://tympanus.net/Development/HoverEffectIdeas/) in my commecial template

It sounds like the reviewer expects more features too.

In my opinion it is very ‘real life’ and less’ stock marketplace’ in its design and delivery

Again though I really like it. I would suggest add any new bits and pieces you can think of. Maybe add a sticky nav on the one pager.

Just think versatility and options a bit more than precise feature (although that is in reality the right approach!).

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Generally speaking not without either building your own versions or making sure that they are incorporated fully into a design or feature and not a stand alone element.

This also varies from item to item - some you cannot use at all

Thank you so much for the advice.
I will try to add some small features and make some small changes like the ones proposed to me.
I hope that next time thanks to your advice will be a soft reject