Hard Reject WordPress Theme - Need Feedback


I am trying to upload my 1st theme but I got hard rejected. Could you please give me some feedback? I appreciate any help. Thank you all.

You can find the landing here:

This is their reply:
…isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on ThemeForest.

Here is my feedback for this theme:

  1. Add some animation all over the theme. Specially when you hover menu items and submenus appears;

  2. These icons are horrible(sorry for this). Some of them are not readable, improve the contrast and also the right-top space. make it equal; the top space is smaller than the right one:)

  3. Poor readability of the header

  4. Inconsistent border of tags (only here I’ve seen this border):

  5. At this moment this item seems to be unfinished. Try to improve the colors/spacings/padding/margins readability of the texts over images and also the fonts, try to find some attractive fonts. These are a bit borring.