Theme Hard Rejected but its really good

Please help i am new to this community, i think ii did a good job in designing please suggest whats missing i will improve. Thank you in advance.

here is the reviewers response
I am afraid this item is pretty poor and quite far from prime ready. It would undoubtedly take a considerable amount of work to get it to a point where we would consider going further with a full review. So I am afraid I will have to hard reject it on this instance.
We are only considering items that really stand-out and have been carefully crafted.

Most of the links in the main menu either do not work or lead to a basic page with white background.
The rest is very simplistic on the level of a freebie item at best.

You should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the bestseller items submitted in the last year to learn what level of quality is expected form you if you want to get your items here, because right now you are rather far from that level.

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Thank you for your advice, i will definetly work on it, sorry for my demo links not working i have updated some links. one more thing should i add more features or improve design


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Great Comment Bro!