Would Love Some Feedback Before Submitting

Hey All,

I’m very new to this, I’ve been a musician for 20+ years but really only deep into the recording side for the past 2 years or so. I’ve tried a few submissions in the past and got rejected. It’s quite obvious now that what I was submitting wasn’t anywhere near good enough.

Anyways, I’ve spent the past year or so upgrading gear and (hopefully) honing my skills a bit. I know it’s still not on the level of some of the top people around here but I’d love to get some honest feedback in the hopes of improving.

I haven’t submitted this yet, not even sure that I will but it would be great to get some feedback on mix/composition etc… to help get me to the point where I might have something to submit.

EDIT: Seriously, rip it apart if you want, this definitely isn’t any sort of fishing for compliments thread :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes you get a little too close to something and can’t hear it for what it really is!

I hope this is allowed! Mods please delete if not!

Here is a link to the tune:


Seems like happy folk, but its arrangement a bit empty and you need to add more tempo, too slow for vibe. It must be faster, with more instruments on background, more percussion (especially shakers and hats or tambourines). Check out many similar tracks on AJ and you will get my point. Overall, good flow, but need to finalize, cheers :smiley: