Need AJ feedback for submissions!

Hey everyone, I need some help with my tunes, I keep getting rejected obviously for zero reason other than " This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard either, unfortunately."

Here is my most current project, not uploaded to AJ, I am looking for some feedback on the sound samples, mix, eq, master, arrangement, etc…so I can hopefully avoid another rejection…Thanks!!!

I personally heard a rather excessive amount of low frequency and bass in the heavier parts of the song. It was really good though. I’ve heard some of your other (approved) tracks and they were quite outstanding. Other than the bass, I’d say there isn’t much else to correct. Nice guitars. I’d be interested to know what guitars and amps and pedals you use for some of the tracks. Good job. Catchy stuff.
The low frequency problem could be a result of my crappy sound card on the computer I am currently on at the moment. I will have to have another listen when I get home to my studio later in on depending on how my evening unravels.

Have a good day :smiley:

Thank u very much for responding, I appreciate the feedback …I use a Mesa boogie dual rectifier on most stuff, but this particular track I used guitar rig.

Cool track. The click/pop at the very beginning may be a problem for reviewers.


Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate every little bit of constructive criticism.