Feedback on AJ Hard Reject - Technical Issues, Subject Matter or Both????

I’ve been submitting tracks to AJ for about 6 months with no success so I thought it would be time to get some input from others as AJ gives a pretty stock reason each time. My creative resources are somewhat limited so I’m not sure if upgrading software, sound libraries, mixing tools etc. would help me or if my material and ideas are not suitable for the commercial market. Here is a 1:00 spot that I thought was pretty good but failed. Any input would be much appreciated! Good luck to everyone here in the AJ family!

Hello there,

Sorry to be blunt but this is pretty far from the standards of AJ. The instrumentation is too poor, with only two instruments. The bass sounds really fake and overcompressed. More importantly, it sounds completely out of sync with the guitar, maybe out of tune as well.

Have you had a listen to the best sellers to see how they compare with your tracks?

Thanks for the honest opinion and the facts behind your opinion. I listen to a lot of AJ stuff and it seems like the more I try to put into a song like AJ’s top sellers, the farther I get from what I hear! I was hoping something simple and clean might break through but that’s obviously not the case!