Project feedback please!

Hey folks!
Just wandered if you thought this would get past the AJ reviewers before I upload, still got a bit of mixing to do on it etc etc, any feedback would be more than appreciated (sorry it’s a Ukulele one :-¬)

Thanks people!

Link doesn’t work

Should do, I’ve just tried it on my phone and it worked on there :neutral_face:

It says it may be a private link, maybe you can open it because you’re signed in?

Ah, that makes sense, I uploaded it to Soundcloud and set it to private as I don’t want it to be visible on my account yet until it’s properly finished, any other way I can send the link?

Not sure, when I upload an unfinished track I always state that it’s a ‘work in progress’ in the track title.

Hmm, is there no other way other than attaching the Soundcloud link?

Sussed it! ha!

Hey @KBullasMusic

Pretty good corporate track.

Great start, but the same melody and instruments during the whole track make this one a littile bit monotony. I recommend you to add some instruments (glockenspiel, solo on ukulele or guitar etc).

Also I believe here is too many reverb on the ukulele. Check this out.


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Hey, InspireMotive
Thank you so much for taking a listen and expressing your views, I’ll definitely take this on board, really appreciate your valued feedback :+1:t2:
Thank you

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