would like to delete this

would like to delete this post please

Renew the support and ask the questions to the author. You had 6 month support available for the questions you supposed to ask during that period. It’s not author’s problem if you have time management issues.

Although, the question you’re about to ask supposed to be cleared on the documentation or just spend a little bit more time on your own to find the answers. If it’s “not hard” to answer, as you stated, I don’t think it’d be a problem to find it on your own.

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It depends on the context.

In the case where you just have one question relating to basic functionality, then it’s a lot (compared to the cost of the theme). But -

  • if s buyer needs more complex support or on multiple occasions etc. then in actual fact, the costs as they are, are ridiculously cheap.

  • the strategy to create new accounts to ask questions does not work if there are several questions, if the question is more complex, or if it requires access to the theme/website.

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