Fake Authors Frauding Buyers

I bought a result management software from a nine year old author on this platform and when i ran the code it does seems to work as well as demonstrated when i request for support i am me with silence.

FYI - the author has replied to you already. It looks like within 1 day?!

Also (without the full insight) you talk about “but i want so customization to be added to the application.” - if it’s been altered then it may well not perform the same as the demo version.

Please keep in mind what support policy covers i.e. bug fixes etc. but not how to use an item esp. if it has been customised.

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Please remember that most authors are people, not companies. They eat, sleep and have a life. They can also face personal issues, which is going to be more than common during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

You should allow up to 7 days before complaining about “not receiving support”.

Also: using proper punctuation when you post in a forum will help people better understand your issue. I had to read your post three times in order to understand what you were asking.


Making customization isn’t a necessary of an item author to do for you. You should check the item more and ask the author if he/she is available for modification before buying.

Please note that this is actually incorrect. You should provide support in the time you’ve mentioned in your support time. If you wish to reply in max 7 days, then you should set your reply time to items to 7 days then. Otherwise the buyer is perfectly entitled to complain and can request and dispute a refund and will receive it.

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@Enabled I know, this is why I said should allow up to 7 days and not must allow up to 7 days. If the author specifies 1 business day support, buyers are entitled to complain and get a refund, I understand that. But my post was to put emphasis on the human nature of authors. I am saying that it’s not like buying a software from Apple or Microsoft, focusing on mutual understanding can often be mutually beneficial.

Although let me say that, as an author, it is better to answer quickly saying “I can’t handle this request right now due to [whatever reason], will answer within [give time frame]. Please bear with me.”.

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