Did I make a mistake purchasing this theme with extended support?

I asked a couple pre-sales questions and unfortunately the author not having strong English, he doesn’t reply fully to requests, it’s more like generic canned replies.

Had asked to do some customization with details and links and he replied saying that everything I asked was supported. In my second email, I tried to clarify that I had asked for a quote and he replied very generically that it would take 2 hours to implement.

I bought the theme and asked him about a feature that is listed on the sales page but doesn’t appear in the documentation. He replied in a rude way, said my questions were too vague and not worth concentrating on!

Not off to a great start, I’m going to be giving this guy extra work and he can’t be bothered to quote me properly and when I ask about missing documentation, he over-reacts a bit.

Do I ask for a refund on this theme? Is it even possible to get a refund? I really don’t care at this point, but I just don’t want to end up with a flakey author and then have to tell my boss that all the work we did was for not and we have to find a new template.

Thanks for your input…

You don’t need to ask for refund if you like the theme. If you need customization/modifications, I can offer paid support. You can contact me via this link or via Studio

Bear in mind, to work directly, I can offer discounts up to 30%