Would a real reviewer, please step up?:)

Hey you awesome Envato community!

I"m going to keep it really short.

I need help from someone who is active in the reviewing process of logos to take a look at what I could improve. If someone is willing to help out, please please let me know before I start losing my mind:P

I’ve bought a few logos on the marketplace to see the exact quality Envato accepts and the file structure etc…but even if I keep the same quality, for some reason the logos get hard rejected.

Thanks so much!!


please send me your logo, I also have same problem
I will send you my design which is rejecting…we will advice each other…hope it helps

Here’s the presentation:)

Pls, brother we will share our files too! Can you show screenshot of open files in illustrator I’ll show mine too, this way we can learn something professional, how they are arranged saved etc. come here to discuss problems …

Thank You