NEED HELP!!! Logo templates rejected. Looking for my experienced fellows feedback and advise.

Hi ,

My first ever attempt for Logo templates are rejected.i am looking for my experienced fellows feedback and advise. how we can make successful submissions, in terms of design what to choose and what is best design practice.

Typography is not good

The Graphics look like they are not original for example ?? You can’t just copy/download an icon and put some text next to it!

This is one of the toughest categories to get approved it - without technical understanding of how to create logos from scratch you will struggle a lot

We are a design studio and i dont know how to control team member designers who work for us. We thoroughly checked images to avoid any inspiration and copyright issues. and present it as our original work. but it seems we could not caught it through google images search to check on our design team. my bad …

If reviewers think this is happening the account wil be banned very quickly

If the account is in your name then any potential issues / copyright claims / legal challenges from the original author would be your problem

With respect the standards here are pretty weak, and if your designers can’t be trusted then they shouldn’t be working for you.

yes i understand. this is a big world now. we do a lot in WordPress, Graphics and other services. there is always a team working in the studio. and i wonder when my quality team checked this did not caught in google searches. which you brought out.

serving clients is a never ending job and i really wanted to start placing own products and this attempt was part of new struggle.

All of sudden i am afraid of now.

Question: Does studioes allow to be part of GR or only individuals can be?

it can be anyone but there has to be a single legal account owner who manages and is responsible for it

yes thats i understand.

Question: how we can search best t ocheck for copyrights if something does not come up in google images search result? i dont want to be ditched again ANY RECOMMEDATIONS?

There are lots of different ways, and it wouldn’t be good to suggest any ways that Envato might do this.

That said it is rather irrelevant You really should not need to worry about this, if the people working with you are legit

Again without meaning to be rude those designs are pretty awful - it is a pretty telltale sign that someone might chance this type of trick when they are working for a studio but that is the standard of their work

hi , let’s face it u have been talking much about right issues and so on with Charlie but the fact of the matter is that there is also much to say when it comes to design themselves … In a general way , for most of the graphics that u have here they looks like illustrations or whatever else rather logos … anyway let’s evoke logos one by one

okie dog
the dog is kind of too detailed indeed, the things in the eyes, some small shadows here and there , let’s face it , we can only see them when the preview is set to the max … if u look at this thread without clicking the logo , well u have close to no detail being kept … i guess that means a lot as regard to how your “logo” definitely does not look like a logo when it comes to style … also consider that here they are judging logos in small size. This is why too many detailed “logos” end up in the bin. Not to mention that there is much to say as regard to the concerned details … they are in most cases rather artificial and even make the dog look like something else than a dog indeed … the eyes are a good example. The lines on the body when they are seen ar e definitely no looking good … u should inspire from sport team logos , u will see the difference with what u have here … todays’ trends are more likely to be about having thick strokes, punchy shapes (but not too detailed like yours) and to look a bit more subjective rather looking like all fashion drawings. The typo is really poor, sorry do not take this personally ok, but i just try to emphasize how much work there is to do about it … there is no variation, no font combinations, no relief, no punch and definitely no originality whatsoever. This is a really big mistake for here … and what a customer for a freelance work may accept , here this is definitely not going to work for u if u do not bring much care about the typo part. Here this is one of the main focus, no matter what is the category where u are posting. If u ask me, i can also feel that the logo would be difficult to exploit in vertical version as well which is reducing the potential of the item too

"lion studio"
well, let me u once again how i feel straightaway … once again, no offense , ok? the thing is no way looking like a lion in my view … i do not see a lion , even after reading the name of the supposed company … i guess u can identity that there is a big problem here , right? (i mean apart from execution problems, which are of course , making sure that your item will be hard rejected anyways …). I have also to add that colors do not help to identify what the logo is all about … what should probably use for the general color of the logo turns out to be used for the inside of the eyes, which actually ends up making eyes looking like everything but realistic. The very same comment can be made as for as the type goes, pls re-read what i said for the dog one … but in this case, there is “additional trouble” so to speak as quite frankly the imbrication of text and illustration part is really worse by far and the proportion between text and logo is just a mess. Some times, with some authors, the illustration is prevailing too much over the text part but in this case, this is the extreme complete other way around … the logo part - in other words, the one that u are selling the most all the same - is nowhere tone seen and a very flat text is prevailing over it … do u think that this is pushing a buyer to buy? and thus a reviewer to accept the product? i also mentioned above the execution, but i have to tell u a bit more in detail how i feel , for this is looking like the logo has been made with the image trace from illustrator with a very old version of the adobe suite … where all the options were not really present. this is definitely the feeling that the squared angles of the sideways are inspiring. Look, something also really problem making … the eyes - the orange part is not even following the edges of the black one under and they seem to have been placed randomly …

the moon
apart from not evoking the wolf in the name , which looks like a mistake in my view the illustration part is really cool (aside from a couples of very small execution issues), though the logo is messed up with the typo part … the typo is not matching at all with the illustration part , not to mention that there is close to no imbrication at all between the illustration , name and tag line

The quality is terrible. Who decided what to upload in your studio clearly doesn’t know much about logo design. Also you need to quit collaboration with “designers” that copy from internet.

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