Working hard on a Horror poster

Photo manipulation Horror poster.
Text and title yet to come.
Takes a lot of time,
but what you think so far?


this is great if u ask me … u should just dodge slightly the chair in the right part so that this is even more realistic. However , as I know u , this is not what makes me feel worried but rather the kind of typo and text disposition that u. will have with this great thing this far …

thanx, i worked on every detail, highlight and shadow to make it 1 composition.
I hope this is now the standard artworks in my flyers. I do my best.
And yes N2N44 you are right, i must add a great title and typo so it’s combine great together.
Thank you very much for your compliments.

He is in the review queue now and I think the typo is good enough so lets pray. :slight_smile: